Why Marketing & Building Relationships Is Crucial for a Successful Recruiting Strategy

Marketing & Relationship-Building

Welcome to Course 4 of SmartSetter’s Best Recruiter Bootcamp series featuring the incredible Coach Judy LaDeur. This session focuses on Marketing and Building Relationships, and it relates to the calls SmartSetter is making on your behalf in the recruitment process for your brokerage. In case you haven’t taken them yet, Course 1 focuses Real Estate Recruiting Do’s and Don’ts where Coach Judy discusses the key questions you need to be asking on the short introductory phone call, before setting an in-person meeting. Course 2 helps you discover how to Understand Agent Behaviour and DISC Personalities to assist in approaching all types of agents with the most advantageous perspective. Course 3 covered interview tips for nailing the interview to land the right agents. All three provide a great foundation for today’s discussion about marketing and relationship-building

Delegate to Help with Marketing

Effective marketing must be consistent outreach with quality materials. Think “Good – Better – Best.” Good marketing is standard, formulaic marketing and is better than no marketing at all. Better can include more personalized templates while Best is fully customized and personalized to you, your brokerage and your brand. Busy brokers/owners can use strategies to reduce the workload of marketing like

  • hiring a marketing professional or a virtual assistant

  • hiring a marketing agency to do the marketing or to provide pre-set templates to use (example: Prospects Plus in Florida)

  • using a CRM – a new recruiting CRM is also now available

  • using a social media manager– hire out if no one in-house

  • using third-party apps and services to automate marketing campaigns

What Does Marketing Really Do?

The purpose of marketing is to pre-sell a candidate on your firm before they walk in the door. Agents that have a clear picture of you ahead of time are more likely to commit to the interview.

1. Educate about your brand and office and what you have to offer.

2. Position – your agency to receive a high rating


3. Build –strong relationships with consistent marketing

Marketing on Social Media

Using social media platforms correctly and effectively means understanding how each is used and what you should include on each platform.

Platform Engagement

Make sure that you use each platform consistently as well as create content that works best on each one. Remember, you are creating content for potential agents where they are, not where you feel most comfortable.

  • Facebook: high level of engagement for emotional agents, good for building relationships, opinions can be formed quickly here, can use personal page (should be 90% personal/10% business) as well as business page (mostly business)

  • LinkedIn: high use with logical agents (base decisions on facts/money/data)

  • TikTok: attention-getting silly or fun videos

  • Instagram: appeals to the visual, videos or pictures

Marketing with Video Content

As the #1 way to get your message out because it is the most often shared content (up to 65% of videos are shared), videos are retained better (showing is remembered better than being told), and videos are watched more than content that is simply read. Create personalized marketing, promotional marketing videos and company marketing videos. Send out via text, email, direct messages, posting on social media or even as a TikTok video. Encourage agents to use video content as well.

Hard Copy Marketing

Since it’s less common now, hard copy marketing now makes a bigger impression. “Lumpy” mail (something that has to be opened) is opened at a higher rate and should only go to your top 10-20 candidates. Send out fancy invites to company events but bounce between digital and hard copy marketing + personal notes to potential agents.

Frequency of Marketing


As-Needed: announcements, events, co-op engagement

Weekly: videos, testimonials, regular announcements, market updates

Monthly: marketing tools and results

Ways to Increase Marketing Support

1. In-house social media strategist

2. In-house video station for agents

3. Company templates and marketing plans


Q & A

What recruiting CRMs do you suggest?

1. Broker Edge Elite (connected to Trend Graphics)

2. On-Task Recruiter (connected to Broker Metrics)

3. Ixact out of Canada (data not built-in)


Other programs you suggest?

A good retention tool is 3 Data Pulse which works with MLS to help you see if an agent is pulling away. May also use its CRM.


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