How To Understand Agent Behaviour and DISC Personalities To Improve Your Recruiting Outreach & Follow Up Plan

Understanding Agent Behaviour and DISC Personalities

To continue SmartSetter’s Best Recruiter Bootcamp series, this blog post and webinar (featured below) breaks down Course 2: Understanding Behavior and DISC Personalities. Lead by Coach Judy LaDeur, who is not only DISC certified but has has over 30 years of experience in the field of recruiting, Judy is once again bringing her knowledge and know-how to help you optimize and convert the agent leads that are booked in with you through SmartSetter’s introductory phone call appointments. If you don’t know your DISC personality already, take this free test before you get started!

Understanding Agent Behavior

When recruiting real estate agents, to understand what type of personality type you are dealing with, and then tailor your approach, your pitch, and your follow-up based on that personality type. In order to build a highly productive team of agents, you must know and understand the types of personalities of each to ensure a dynamic and positive team in the future. We will learn today how you can:

● look at a photograph and start to understand an agent’s behavior

● know why certain personalities cancel or no-show

● learn how to follow up with DISC personalities

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Breaking Down DISC Personalities

The Analytical or “S” Personality


These are logical thinkers that will take a long time to make a decision. They are cautious and do research first.

● Detailed : will want brokers to provide information or sources in addition

● Organized : quote the source to appeal to structure, logic

● Methodical

● Researched : need lots of information, educational training is appealing to c’s

● Very logical : stability and security are important

The Amiable or “C” Personality


They are described as very kind, supportive people that others turn to for help or support. These are the support people of the world, and they support D or logical personalities well.

● Great listeners : ask others their opinions so who they talk to matters in decision-making

● Trustworthy : have referral-based business

● Patient and reliable : like being part of a team

● Approachable

● Value security :  teams, education, leads are all appealing

The Expressive or “I” Personality


This describes an outgoing, friendly and talkative agent who will strike up a conversation with anyone. If you have something in common, they want to talk about it. This personality type makes up 70% of all agents.

● Plays hard and works hard : the money is not the most important value to them

● Open to chit chat

● The more they talk, the better you are doing : they are relaxed

● Appreciates a smile  : base their decisions more on how much they like you, culture and feelings

The Driver or “D” Personality


The strongest of all four types, the driver is a strong negotiator and likes to get their way and be in charge.

● Natural at owning/running a business

● Task-oriented :  don’t be late or off-task

● Blunt, no time-wasting : you know where you stand with them

● Money, support and image are motivators, Will learn from experts

● Self-starters – potentially mega agent, team leader


Why Do Certain Personalities No Show?

D : busy making money

I  :  likely forgot

S :  feels pressured (may ghost you if not interested)

C :  rarely happens

How to Follow Up if Canceled

D : text or brief reschedule

I : personal video call “Stuff happens”

S : personal note/email “It’s ok”

C : additional info via text/email

Best Communication Style

D : text, be direct

I : text, call, email

S : personal is best

C :  in writing

Social Media Typically Used by Personality

Facebook, Instagram: S, I (emotional)

LinkedIn, Twitter: C, D (logical)


Remember: the number one way to increase your office’s recruits is by applying behaviour to the interview process. For more detailed information, be sure to watch the full recording from our live webinar!


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