Interview Tips & How To Identifying Your Value Proposition To Increase Your Hiring Conversions

Interview Tips & Indentifying Your Value Propositions

Here comes the next module of our SmartSetter’s Best Recruiter Bootcamp series with Coach Judy LaDeur, who has over 30 years of experience in the field of real estate recruiting. In this webinar recording ofInterview Tips & Identifying Your Value Proposition”, you will learn how to hone your interview skills and focus your brokerage offering to improve the current pain points of the agent’s business.

How to Maximize Results from Interviews

If you are struggling to convert the introductory phone appointments that your SmartSetter team has set for you to in-person interviews (review Course 1 on Real Estate Recruiting Do’s & Don’ts and Course 2 on Understanding Agent Behaviour & DISC Personalities), make sure you’re not revealing too much on your initial intro call with the agent. Maximize your results by asking the right questions on the intro call in order to focus your pitch when you meet in person. Know your value, target the right candidates, ask the right questions and nail the interview itself.

Know Your Value Proposition

Your value proposition is what you bring to the presentation that brings value to whomever you are speaking to, and is different for each agent. In recruiting, your value prop starts with your tools/systems/resources but then narrows in on the unique value you can bring to that specific agent’s business. Answer these questions to create your Value Proposition working list of 12-15 things you do well:

  • What do you do better than others in your market? (show off your stats or quality value)

  • What are the results from your tools or systems? (dig into results)

  • Why do agents enjoy working at your company? (ask current team members to create this information)

  • Which tools/systems do they say support them and their business? (ask team members for input)

Communicating Your Value Proposition

Each month, use social media like TikTok, email, or other platforms to market a different tool/system with the results for brand awareness. Talk about tools/systems from the VP list on calls. Video your agents talking about your VP and results. Communication should be enough to make potential agents already halfway sold on your brokerage before you meet with them because they already know so much about your style, office, and value. Flipside: calls with agents with no knowledge of you will be harder to commit to working with you because they will only just learn about you during one-on-one meetings.

Who’s the Right Candidate for your Organization Based on your Value Proposition?

Once your Value Proposition is established, look at what type of agents will benefit from it to create your lead list. If your Value Prop is coaching, target agents that are new or are restarting their careers. If your Value Prop is your luxury portfolio, target luxury agents. If your Value Prop is technology, target tech-savvy or home-based agents.

Ensure Your Lead List Includes The Right Candidates.

Look at their production and make sure it matches your expectations or “sweet spot.” Your lead list should note if a candidate might match well at other companies because of common tools/systems/types of agents/needs.

Researching the Candidate

Before the interview, Gogle the candidate, visit their website, and review their production (current and past). Connect with them on social media and investigate their current company’s offerings.

Interview Tips

1. Customize each interview.

2. Ask questions to determine the agent’s needs before presenting anything.

3. Present tools/systems to meet those needs from your list of 12-15 Value Props.

4. Create results-oriented visuals to use for all interviews.

5. Consider your current agent’s testimonials as “Amazon reviews” for your office/brand/company


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