How to Identify Real Estate Superstars

Does your real estate team have some hidden superstars?

Does your real estate team have some hidden superstars? It’s important to spot the potential and nurture it in order to keep them a part of your team. 

We’ve shared different ways to hire the right agents for your team. Maybe you were able to sense a superstar agent in the hiring process? 

Superstar agents make it their mission to stand out in the crowd. Even though the agent could be newer to real estate, how they tackle their business will help solidify the fact that they are the real deal. 

The signs

If you have signed on an agent and you have a feeling they will shine on your team, it’s important to notice the signs. We looked up a few ways you can tell that an agent is showing the signs of becoming a top producer.

  1. Showing a problem solving mindset is an important trait of a successful agent. This means they will be able to tackle challenges with an explorative vision. They are ready to think outside the box and resolve issues as they arise. 
  1. They prove that they are a self-motivated person with the desire to take ownership of their career goals. Having drive and determination are great signs that the agent will succeed.
  1. Having a strong reputation for honesty and integrity is so important as the agent is representing themselves and your brokerage. Representing themselves in a professional manner is important to their success. 
  1. Hustle and grit are two qualities that are a prerequisite for success. The sense of urgency to get the job done and the traction to complete a task are telltale signs that your agent has the drive to do their best.
  1. Willingness to understand the housing market and everything about real estate shows that the agent wants to learn and wants to excel. Being open to learning new aspects of the business is crucial to being able to adapt in a fast-changing environment. 
  1. Creating and keeping connections is an important aspect of the business. Those who are able to do this will more likely be able to succeed in the real estate business.

Agents who are actively investing in their business is a great sign that they will become a top producer in no time. Around 89% of top producing spend at least something on their marketing, meaning they have fully embraced and made the commitment to promoting themselves as an agent.

How to help an agent become a superstar

We have shared ways to help motivate your agents to increase their production, but can you help your agents become superstars?

Even if they might not exhibit all the signs of becoming a superstar, once you have an agent properly motivated, there are many ways that an agent can continue to grow their business. 

Help them to develop a professional web presence to buy or sell, or both. Having something that sets them apart from other agents is what will impress potential clients.

Establishing a strong brand and reputation will give them the leverage and confidence they need to succeed in real estate. Prospective clients want to make sure their house buying or selling experience is in good hands. Encouraging your agents to procure a strong brand and reputation will help them succeed.

Having tools and supports in place for your agents will help them become the superstars that they really are. 

One of the most important parts of the job is to be in constant contact with prospective buyers and sellers. Teaching them the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools could also save them time and money while providing the foundations of a strong relationship with prospective clients.

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Encourage these qualities in your team

These are the qualities of the highest producing agents that you will want to encourage within your team. We found a few resources that highlight these qualities and, as a leader, you will need to let them know how important having these qualities is to their success.

  1. Showing up physically, mentally and emotionally is one of the most important parts of the job. Having proper rest and nutrition is an important aspect of this, so make sure this part of the job is also known.
  2. Following up is part of the job. Encourage all your agents to follow up quickly and effectively. The faster they respond, the more likely they will earn the prospective client.
  3. It’s important to think outside the box and to be flexible. It’s crucial that your agents know how to work with all kinds of personalities. Some might be easier than others, but all are welcomed as clients.
  4. Repetition boredom pays off! Doing the boring, mundane details aren’t the most exciting part of the job, but they need to get done. Encourage your agents to always prioritize the necessary details.
  5. Interaction over the transaction, always. It is the most important part of building rapport and a strong reputation to put the relationship ahead of the sale. Your agents should feel confident that the sale will come after a positive interaction. 
  6. Don’t accept mediocrity from anyone. When trying to find superstars, one quickly realizes that superstars can exist anywhere. Encouraging agents and offering support to ensure that mediocrity isn’t in your office’s dictionary is important to establish from the beginning. 
  7. Share the idea that your agents should always be closing, whether it’s a contract or appointment. If someone has given their time to talk to your agent, it’s a positive sign that they are interested in connecting with them. 
  8. Answer the phone. It’s as important as following up. Let your agent know that answering the phone is crucial to the success of their business. A big part of the business is making a connection with a prospective customer.
  9. Encourage your agents to be proud of what they do! Agents who incorporate real estate into their everyday life and promote that part of it will stay top of mind to prospective customers.

Identifying superstars in your team will help project your brand into one that is recognized for its top producers. An important part of discovering top producers is also knowing how to encourage greatness from everyone on your team. 

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